Corporate Events

BlueMg Events is responsible for carrying out Business and Corporate events: meetings, talks, product presentations, seminars, conferences, webinars, meetings, congresses and national and international fairs, everything you can think of and much more.

Business events are organized by companies and institutions with the aim of publicizing a product, service or brand, as well as bringing staff closer together and encouraging better work performance.

At BlueMg Events, we offer you different types of business events, among others:

  • Product or service presentations.
  • Press conferences.
  • Road show events. A Roadshow is an itinerant event that allows brands to achieve greater visibility through a marketing action (based on entertainment) that is carried out in different geographical areas, all with the aim of attracting more customers.
  • Anniversaries or company celebrations.
  • Employee incentives and customer loyalty events.
  • Team building and CSR events. Carrying out Team Building CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) represents an approach of companies to the situation that the world is experiencing these days, allowing the projection of values such as empathy, care for our planet and cooperation, which will enrich both the company and its employees.
  • Fairs and exhibitions. At the national and international level.

Why are corporate events important?

  • They allow you to present strategies and publicize your products and/or services.
  • Make the company and its philosophy known, in other words, generate Branding.
  • Strengthen the cohesion of the company.
  • They allow you to know your target audience.
  • They improve communication between stakeholders.

At BlueMg Events, we have staff specialized in event management and organization together with our BlueMg Digital Marketing department that will help you achieve your goals.

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